Vienna based CONTRAST Resident Thomas Hofstätter really lives up to his name, AudioDevice. Wheter as drummer, producer, DJ or sound engineer, this artist is all-in-one! But that was a long way to go – starting with several years of piano and cello, the drums caught his attention and resulted in several band projects. at this state, DJing was a no option for someone, who played instruments live all the time. First steps with electronic music happened when Techno emerged out of nowhere, and Vienna was full of parties in times where everyone was hungry and jealous towards other big cities with a floating nightlife. Together with a group called Lo-Res AudioDevice put up to playing some Techno live sets where they gathered loads of analoge synths and drum machines to jam on them. As Jungle / Drum & Bass began to appear in the UK, AudioDevice got in love with the genre. Doing his first events in Vienna and getting into DJing resulted in being one of the first pioneers to regularly bring Drum & Bass music to a bigger audience in Austria in the late 90s. Starting at Kunstwerk, a place for music and arts, he began running regular parties with his crew Synergetic and building up a scene that first found it´s big gathering at Vienna Drum and Bass Festival in 2000 at Arena Wien. A come together of all the crews and acts, giving them a huge platform to present it´s self and a growing and flourishing scene in Vienna. The festival continued to be the biggest Drum & Bass only event in Austria for quite some time, and the monthly Synergetic 3 floors at arena smashed the city for good. Nowadays the focus has changed – sharing the same love for music and focus on musical education were just a few reasons that lead to join and identify with the passion of CONTRAST. Being sound engineer at Grelle Forelle, you can always be sure to have to most clean and crisp sound possible on CONTRAST events. Some forthcoming releases and collaborations are just the beginning - watch out for more of AudioDevice´s production side and sounddesign. d)


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MONTAG 30.04.
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