Dr. Vedran Dzihic is currently Senior Researcher at oiip – Austrian Institute for International Affairs, Co-Director of Center for Advanced Studies, South East Europe and Senior Lecturer at the Institute for Political Sciences, University of Vienna. He has been Austrian Marshall Plan Fellow and is currently non-resident Senior Fellow at the Center for Transatlantic Relations, School of Advanced International Studies, John Hopkins University, Washington D.C. Dzihic teaches MA courses at the MA Human Rights and the MA Balkan-Studies at the University in Vienna. Dzihic is member of BIEPAG (Balkans in Europe Policy Advisory Group) as well as member of the Expert Group for the Preparation of Civil Society Forum within the Berlin process. ↓↓↓ hier runter scrollen ↓↓↓ Vedran Dzihic is author of 4 monographs and editor/co-editor of further 14 edited volumes/books. He is also author of numerous book chapters, scholarly articles (in journals like Nationalities Papers, East European Politics and Society, Southeastern Europa, JEMIE, Europe-Asia Studies, L’Europe en formation, Südosteuropa, Foreign Policy in Dialogue, etc), policy papers and op-eds on various topics. He has been invited to more than 200 conferences and talks in the USA, China, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Estonia, Turkey, Switzerland, France, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Slovakia, Rumania, Bulgaria, and Belgium. Dzihic is regularly contributing to international media. Recently, he co-edited two books in 2012 in cooperation with Brookings Institutions Press and Center for Transatlantic Relations, SAIS, Washington DC: “Unfinished Business. The Western Balkans and the International Community”, together with Dan Hamilton, and “Looming Shadows. Migration and Integration at a Time of Upheaval. European and American Perspectives”, together with Thomas Schmidinger. For full list of publications please see the website of the Austrian Institute for International Affairs (www.oiip.ac.at) Dzihic received his MA and PhD with honours from the University of Vienna.


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