Goya- this word from Urdu language describes contemplative "as if", that triggers a suspension of disbelief, like it occurs in good story telling. To transmit this feeling through music is the goal of these four young musicians, who met each other in Mozarteum University, Salzburg.
Born in Lithuania, Italy and Austria, they combine a broad spectrum of different ways in interpretation, based on their different background, schools and techniques. In the process of working and performing together, these young artists find different ways in combining their knowledge to create unique programs and interpretations.

Even though the background of the Goya quartet is mainly classical, the four young musicians are eager to extend their knowledge and possibilities by participation in different projects and workshops: from barock till modern, jazz and electronic music. Recent projects include participation in the "Salzburg Chamber music Festival", the opening of the ''Salzburger Festspiele'' in collaboration with the composer Wolfgang Rihm and a concert-tour in Lithuania and Italy. Noteworthy are as well tv appearances for ORF (Österreichischer Rundfunk) and LRT (Lithuanian Radio Television).


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